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  The Echo Collection reinvents the classic art of Mastercafted Cement Tiles (.PDF Format, 49 KB)

Online Design Center Allows Architects, Designers and Homeowners to Create Designs That Bring Individual Personality and Style
Managua (March 1, 2007) - Inspired by exquisite historic tile floors found throughout Nicaragua, Conipisos introduces its Colonial Collection of master crafted cement tiles. Every order is custom made to "echo" the individual's personalized vision. Architects, designers and homeowners can choose from Conipisos' most popular colors and patterns or can create their own with the company's online Design Center. Either way, from bright blue and yellow floral to contemporary black and white, the collection instills personality into any home, from an authentic Spanish hacienda to a trendy, modern loft.
Cement tiles are becoming increasingly popular in Nicaragua. for their charm, vintage appeal and amazing versatility. According to an article about cement tiles in the Los Angeles Times' Home Section, which featured Granada Tiles, Conipisos' sister company: "Despite the increased demand, decorative cement tile can still be less expensive than other types of art tile. But more than that, the cement pieces can have a rustic charm - a timeworn beauty complemented by a chameleon-like versatility. They bear bold patterns and rich, dynamic colors that can look modern or historical, traditional or exotic."
In addition to "echoing" the clients' visions in tile, the Colonial Collection evokes the rich 150-year history of the cement tile making technique. Master craftsmen in Nicaragua pour pigmented colored cements into sections of the metal molds that are used like giant cookie cutters. Forming the tile's top layer, the cement is poured to a depth of one-eighth inch. While the cement is still wet, the mold is carefully pulled out so the various colors can join, forming the intricate design. Next, a half an inch of a dry cement mixture is added on top to add bulk and strength. Lastly, 3,000 pounds of hydraulic pressure is applied to draw moisture from the colored cement through the dry backing. The result is a cement tile that is incredibly durable and easy to maintain, and becomes more polished as it wears. The Colonial Collection is sold at fConipisos's showroom in Managua and can be seen at the company's web site, at www.conipisos.com
About Conipisos
Based in Managua, Conipisos creates exquisite handmade, eco-friendly cement tiles. Working closely with architects and designers, the entire team at Conipisos, strives to capture its customer's creative vision through tile. Manufactured in Nicaragua, Conipisos believes strongly in preserving the land's natural beauty by managing resources responsibly and not contributing to landfills or using toxins. Available at tile showrooms nationwide, Conipisos can also be seen through the company's website at www.conipisos.com
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