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At age 10, Marcos Cajina used his mother's sewing machine and an old pair of jeans to create a Kung Fu-style backpack and set off to see Nicaragua. He had heard about the country's giant lake with tiny islets and wanted to explore them for himself. Today, as founder and president of Conipisos, Cajina uses those same qualities of creativity, daring and passion to craft cement tiles using a 150-year-old process originating in France.
Moved by the spectacular historic tile floors found throughout Nicaragua, Cajina started Conipisos by first building a hydraulic press in his basement. He spent several months learning how to replicate the tiles by experimenting with a variety of methods and materials. After traveling throughout France to further research the origins of the tiles, he eventually set up production in Nicaragua with his nephew and hired skilled master craftsmen to create the Colonial Collection.
Beautiful and environmentally responsible, Conipisos have become increasingly popular throughout Nicaragua and the United States and are installed in numerous fine homes, hotels, commercial venues and public buildings. "Not only are these handmade cement tiles strong, durable and scratch and stain resistant, they have a vintage beauty that can be very versatile," says Cajina. "The tile's bold patterns and dynamic colors can look just as good in a historic home as in a new loft."
Conipisos works directly with many architect and designer clients to help capture their creative vision though decorative tile. A constant innovator, he travels throughout Nicaragua frequently, continuing to draw from the land's natural beauty and diversity for new styles, designs and methods. To compliment the Colonial Collection, Cajina has added two new lines to the Conipisos family: the Rústico Collection, evoking terracotta and limestone, and the Monostratto Collection, capturing sleek elegance of terrazzo in a versatile new format.
Preserving Nicaragua's natural beauty and bio-diversity is one of Conipisos' core values. The company is committed to managing nature's resources responsibly by not contributing to landfills or using any toxins in its manufacturing processes. For more information on Conipisos, please call 279-8620 or visit the website at www.conipisos.com.